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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning
Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Do you only clean the apartments?

No, we also clean offices and events. You can choose what suits you best.

Other frequently asked questions

How it works? What happens if I destroy the customer's property?
We have an insurance fund that will cover part of the expense.
How it works? How much can you earn if you work for three days?
75-200 BYN. Sometimes more. Depends on what orders you choose. The minimum fee for the smallest order is BYN 25 (3 hours).
How it works? When do you need to ride on orders?
You choose the orders yourself, you can choose the district where you will clean
How it works? How do you count your earnings?
Typically, earnings are 45-55% of the full cost of the order. Minimum BYN 8 per hour. For small orders, it comes out of BYN 20
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